Terms and Conditions

What We Offer

Volcan Repairs is a small engine repair shop based in Pembroke Pines, Florida. We serve a wide range of equipment and machines such as lawnmowers, pressure cleaners, hedge trimmers, generators, etc. 

labor Rates

For most small hand-held equipment, the cost of labor is $40 per half-hour up to $80 per hour. A $25 nonrefundable deposit / diagnostic fee is collected per small hand-held machine at the start of the service. For large equipment such as (but not limited to) Pressure Cleaners, Generators, Riding Lawn Mowers, and Commercial Lawn Mowers, the cost of labor is $80 per hour. A $50 nonrefundable deposit / diagnostics fee is collected per large equipment at the start of the service. The deposit is subtracted from the entire work order (if repairs are authorized to be made).  

Pickup and delivery services are offered to select locations and areas. Rates begin at $45 per each way. 

For the service to commence, clients understand that a deposit must be made. The deposit is nonrefundable as it covers the cost of operations. By depositing the diagnostic fee, the Client agrees to the Terms and Conditions. 

The cost of labor does not include the cost of parts. Cost of parts are billed separately. Client will be made aware of cost of parts prior to performing repairs. Verbal authorization over the phone is suffice for our technician(s) to proceed. If parts exceed $100, Client must make an additional deposit towards repairs. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer warranty on carburetor rebuilds due to the complex nature of the machinery. Visit our blog to learn more about maintaining your equipment to ensure it lasts longer.  

Storage Fees

Once the client is notified that their equipment is ready for pickup, all equipment becomes subject to a $10 / day storage fee after 10 days. The reasoning behind this is due to the limited space in our shop. We ask clients to pickup their machine(s) in a timely manner in order to avoid potential storage fee charges. Machines and equipment left over 30 days without notification from client will fall under the assumption that the equipment has been abandoned. Abandoned equipment is subject for removal or disposal. We are NOT responsible for items left over 30 days.


Client must understand that all equipment and machines are unique in nature. Our technician(s) will offer advice based on good faith. If our technician(s) deem a particular machine or equipment non-repairable, we have the right to refuse service. At times, we can determine this via verbal diagnosis. However, this is a case-by-case basis. 

We do not accept returns after (10) days of completion of service. The completion of service is marked as the date the client is notified that their equipment is ready for pickup.